Candle Care

To get the most out of your KIP Candle Co. candle:

Allow a full melt pool.

Always ensure you get a full melt pool across the top of the candle; the wax should be completely melted to the edges of the container to avoid your candle ‘tunelling’ down the middle and wasting wax. We suggest 3-4hrs of burn time per session (although never leave your candles unattended).

Trim your wick.

Before each burn trim your to avoid large flames and smoking. Remove any black from the wick with scissors or wick trimmers before lighting.

Wooden wicks.

Wood wicks look great, and the gentle crackling sound creates an additional cosy element to your candle.

They are a raw material and as such can have some natural variance.

Follow the tips below and you should have no problem!

Trim your wooden wicks before your next burn, removing any burnt wood from previous use. This is best done when the candle is completely cool so charred wood doesn't stray into your molten wax.

If you have a wick that keeps going out it’s probably too long meaning the wax can’t make it to the flame.

We encourage you to repurpose your KIP Candle containers- they look fab as Cacti or succulent planters. Scrape out any leftover wax and wash the inside with warm soapy water. Avoid washing the outside of the Original Metal Containers as the polished sheen can spoil.

Enjoy your candle!