Spring Equinox Box - Kip Candle Co
Spring Equinox Box - Kip Candle Co
Spring Equinox Box - Kip Candle Co
Spring Equinox Box - Kip Candle Co
Spring Equinox Box - Kip Candle Co
Spring Equinox Box - Kip Candle Co
Spring Equinox Box - Kip Candle Co
Spring Equinox Box - Kip Candle Co
Spring Equinox Box - Kip Candle Co
Spring Equinox Box - Kip Candle Co

Spring Equinox Box

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KIP EQUINOX BOXES are an offering of carefully selected hand-made items, to add some beautiful little touches to this time of year, to celebrate the season in all its glory as you embark on this new chapter, this season's box includes a BRAND NEW CANDLE SCENT from us!

Spring Equinox falls on March 20th and is the official point where the earth tilts back towards the sun; we now have equal day and night hours as we travel into warmer days ahead.

Mark the day by taking some time for yourself, get out amongst nature, bring in some fresh flowers and enjoy the contents of this year’s Spring Equinox box.

If you are gifting direct and would like us to add a handwritten note to your box let us know!


WILD FIG Refillable candle

A brand new scent, in our new, refillable stone pots, in stunning nude.

About the scent:


Fig Leaf | Amber | Musk

Fresh and green; the wild, earthy scent of a forest after rain.

Sophisticated and reassuring, the juicy scent of ripe figs is blended with leafy green notes and a hint of cassis. This candle is perfect for kitchens and living spaces and offers a calm sense of home.

This candle will be available all year round!


A beautifully moisturising all natural handmade soap with a blend of shea butter, sweet almond and coconut oil to leave your skin feeling silky soft and cleansed.

Soothe both mind and body with this delicate blend of calming lavender and mood boosting Bergamot essential oils. Ground tea leaves provide a gentle exfoliant.


Take a moment for yourself and taste paradise with this artisan blend of fresh apple pieces, ripe strawberries, rosehip, rose petals, hibiscus, and natural passion fruit infused into delicate tisane tea leaves.


Enjoy the essence of Spring, with this brand new positively fragrant scent from us at Kip Candle Co.


We aim to dispatch your orders within 1-2 days of ordering. We use the Royal Mail “signed for” service for all orders where 'first class signed for' is selected. For all other orders where second class is selected, we will be unable to track your order. We recommend using the "signed for" service to ensure a swift and trackable delivery.

Problems with the post? Drop us an email at kipcandleco@outlook.com and we will be happy to help.


We hope that you love your Kip Candle Co. candle. We offer a full replacement or refund for items that arrive damaged due to the postal service.

If you are not happy with your order, or for any refund questions please email us at kipcandleco@outlook.com and we will be happy to help you!

To get the most out of your KIP Candle Co. candle:

Allow a full melt pool.

Always ensure you get a full melt pool across the top of the candle; the wax should be completely melted to the edges of the container to avoid your candle ‘tunelling’ down the middle and wasting wax. We suggest 3-4hrs of burn time per session (although never leave your candles unattended).

Trim your wick.

Before each burn trim your wick to 5mm to avoid large flames and smoking. Remove any black from the wick with scissors before lighting.

Wooden wicks.

We love our wooden wicks-they look great and the gentle crackling sound is super cosy.

They are a natural material and as such can be slightly more temperamental than our other wicks.

Follow the tips below and you should have no problem!

Trim your wooden wicks to 5mm and always clean off any burnt wood from previous use. This is best done when the candle is completely cool so charred wood doesn't stray into your molten wax.

It’s the candle wax being drawn up the wick that fuels the flame, not the wood, so if you have a wick that keeps going out it’s probably too long meaning the wax can’t make it to the flame.

If you notice one of the wicks has gone out, trim and relight as soon as you notice to keep an even burn. Scissors or nail clippers will do the job!

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Kip Candle Co.

Born out of our passion for travel

Everywhere we went we would collect beautiful smelling candles and incense to bring back to relive our adventures in our home. It’s amazing how quickly a scent can take you back to a moment or place.



Every candle is hand made lovingly by us in our studio, making each one individual and of the highest quality.


We've partnered with Ecologi!

With every purchase made by YOU, a portion of the proceeds go toward restoring wildlife habitats and creating employment for local families.

This is helping us give back more to the planet, funding the highest standard climate projects to accelerate our transition to a sustainable future.

This makes us feel pretty good, and we hope with every purchase you make, it does the same for you.

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